About GreenStock.

Our Goal is to reduce global material waste

GreenStock was established in 2018 by architects from NTNU in close dialogue with property owners and the building industry.

The EU construction sector consists of more than 3 million companies, generates about 9% of the EU's gross domestic product and creates 18 million jobs. Construction companies play a fundamental role in the comfort and well-being of the European people by building and maintaining homes and commercial buildings.

At the same time, the sector produces construction waste that accounts for over 35% of all waste generated in the EU, making it one of the most significant waste streams. The construction industry also accounts for 40% of CO2 emissions, use of energy and water resources. At the same time, the industry and property owners experience that there are many challenges when reusing building materials: technical, legal and economical.

GreenStock aims to reduce material waste and stop the exploitation of new natural resources. Building waste consists of many materials including concrete, clay, plaster, wood, glass, metals and plastic. We at GreenStock are working to build a value chain where many of these materials can be recycled - for use as 'secondary raw materials' - or reused.

Reusing through GreenStock is easy and not at least profitable. We have established a collaboration platform that takes care of reuse from A to Z.

We also have a goal of being “Best INNOVATIVE place to work”. At GreenStock, our employees use their professional expertise to create new processes and opportunities for real estate in the private and public sectors. Together with our customers, we set high circular targets. We are an internationally innovative company that is experiencing strong growth. Do you want to use your knowledge to make Europe circular? Do you want to develop your expertise while solving circular economic challenges in the construction and real estate industry? Feel free to contact us: careers@greenstock.no

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